The Jeweled Coasts

Prologue in Dinar

We first met our traveling band of adventures in the Somarian seaside town of Dinar.

After a wild adventure in the desert, during which Khemed found an interesting sandstone sphere, the party was ready to spend some time cooling their heels in a town. Khemed in particular was excited to “get the sand out of [his] dick”. (not spoken in character)

Orsina headed to a Tarvan chapel to give a quick prayer and light a candle.

Umondir got in a fight at the docks that ended with him knocking first a sailors cap and then the sailor himself into the water.

Khemed headed to visit Anos Underbrush at his antiquities shop (where Orsina met him). Anos hadn’t seen the sphere before but he did point Khemed towards an Elvish city with some ancient elvish script carved into its buildings: Felaneul.

Then Anos took his old friend out for a nice dinner and drinking session and they rehashed fond old memories from university.

Orsina witnessed a robbery of a bakery by a particularly agile thief in raggedy clothes.
She pursued but fell behind when the thief went to the roofs. Umondir spotting a chance to show off and help the party leapt to the roof line and clothes-lined the thief. Orsina revealed that it was a starving woman and then found her child there worried about her mother. Orsina decided to let the thief go and, when confronted by the angry baker, paid for the bread herself.

Umondir may have jumped down off the roof into some garbage.

Khemed stopped by the docks after dinner and talked to a Somarian officer (Galip) there to arrange passage on his ship to Felanuel.

Orsina and Umondir stopped by a sailors’ pub for food and drink and left quickly and quietly (Umondir avoiding being seen by the sailors he’d angered earlier)

Then the party stayed the night in comfort before setting out the next day.


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