The Jeweled Coast

The Jeweled Coast is a region of growing trade. Somarian influence has rekindled trade with the elves after years of relative isolation. The sea, once inhospitable for long crossings, has become, if not kind, at least survivable with modern Somarian or Dwarven Ships and heavy harpoons. Still pirates sail the waters, Orc marauders travel in spiked long ships, and ocean beasts claim a vessel on the regular. Travel can be slow if the wind is wrong and Somarian culture isn’t welcome everywhere.

The Orcs hold strong on their own continent and the Drow practice their strange ways in the far south where days are shorter and the ocean is icy cold. Even some sects of the island elves, the Teler Vaya, are less than welcoming to the Somarian advances.

The Tarvan states are united only in name, below the surface political intrigue bubbles as magistrates unseat each other almost monthly.

Powerful mages study the ancient magics of the world on Calius, an island sculpted with volcanic lava. They receive little help from the modern elves who through two generations of terrible genocide by orcs lost touch with their past culture and knowledge of the world.

The Jeweled Coasts

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